Group Packages

We've got everything you need including group packages! We've got fire pits, bikes, grills, corn hole, hammocks, mini fridges, mini kitchens, movie screens with projectors and more.


Outdoor entertainment package (fridge,mini kitchen, and table) $150.00/week
Outdoor wilderness package (propane grill, fire pit, 2 bundles wood and ez-up) $150.00/week
Outdoor games package (movie screen,2 chairs corn hole, projector, ) $150.00/week
Outdoor fun package (2 adults bikes, 2 kids bikes, 2 tennis rackets, 2 kids fishing poles) $150.00/week
Outdoor relaxing package (screen house, 2 hammock chairs, 2 zero gravity chairs, folding table) $150.00/week

Create your perfect Disney camping adventure with our Wilderness adventure package which includes your choice of one the following:
1 Golf Cart
4 Bike Rentals

In addition choose 2 of any of the following:
Firepit with a bundle of wood or a propane rill
2 zero gravity chairs or a hammock
Fishing poles

Pricing for the Wilderness Adventure Package:
Per night: 49.99 upcharge
Per week: 315.00
After 7 nights Call for pricing


Electric Golf Carts 49.99 per night
Gas Golf Carts 59.99
Disney approved fire pit $10.00 a night or $55.00/week
Men or women bikes $8.00 a night or $45.00/week
Kids bike $5.00 a night or $25.00/week
Propane grill $10.00 a night or $55.00/week
EZup coverall $7.00 a night or $35/week
Shade house $10.00 a night or $55.00/week
Corn hole $6.00 a night or $35 .00/week
Tennis rackets (2) $4.00 a night or $15.00/week
Folding tables $4.00 a night or $15.00/ week
Hammock $4.00 a night or $15.00/week
Firewood for sale $12.00 per bundle
Movie screen with projector $20.00 a night $100.00/week
Mini fridge $8 a night $45.00/week
Outdoor mini kitchen $10 a night $75.00/week